How Social Profimatic Works


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Firstly, WELCOME!

We're glad you are here and considering becoming a partner in our amazing opportunity!

You're about to discover EXACTLY how we developed this incredibly powerful money making system that will allow you to collect an hourly paycheck without lifting a finger!

I know what you are thinking...this sounds way too good to be true. However, we're also going to explain what is in it for us!

This system is a win - win situation for us and more importantly you. That means that this money making system will never close down as everyone is making money with it.

Without further ado....

Here's how the Social Profimatic System Works....

System Overview

Social Profimatic is powered by an extremely profitable secondary business that provides business owners with valuable exposure via Social Media.

For the last 8 years, we've developed a massive inventory of Social Media assets, profiles, and other social inventory that our system holds or purchases at wholesale that can be sold to business owners on demand.

Business owners can pick and choose how many "Facebook Likes, Twitter Followers, or Google Plus +1's" that they need and choose where to send them and our system will automatically find the best deal and distribute their purchase instantly!

Business Owner's can purchase virtually unlimited Facebook Likes, Google Plus +1's, and Twitter Followers/Retweets from our inventory of Social Network assets.

This happens totally automatically behind the scenes, we don't really need to interfere with the process very much as our supply is pretty much unlimited so transactions happen instantly!

We sell these services at a profitable margin. Millions of these transactions are happening within our network everyday!

There is a such a demand for these marketing assets that this business can be scaled infinitely and forever!

You may be saying to yourself right now "That's good for you but how does this make me money?"


In order for our system to work flawlessly, we need to constantly purchase more inventory as everything get's sold to business owners.

Each transaction that a business owner starts, requires us to purchase the appropriate social exposures from one of our many wholesale suppliers. After we've purchased the exposures, we fulfill the order. This all happens automatically behind the scenes in less than a minute.

Each transaction results in a profitable difference between the buying and selling price that we can pay back to you!

As you can see, this requires a constant working capital for us to purchase the inventory and rather than go get a bunch of high interest business loans from some greedy bank that doesn't care about us or even understand our business model.

This is where you come in!

You make deposits into our system and our advanced system will take this deposit and go to work for you!

We've decided to extend this incredible opportunity to collect effortless cash to anyone who wants to make real money without doing anything too complicated.

It really is the ultimate WIN WIN WIN situation for everyone involved!

You get paid passively, we make money from the transaction sale and get the capital we need to continue doing business, and the business owner gets massive exposure for their business!

You can deposit as much money into the system as you wish and it will provide UNLIMITED passive income each and every day.

It really is that simple, all you need to do is deposit as much you want and then sit back, relax, and watch as you get paid throughout the day - everyday!

We're already have thousands of these little social media transactions happening everyday!

Grab your share of these profitable transactions by depositing today!

The bigger the total amount that you deposit, the more passive cash you will receive.

You'll also be in profit much faster when you have a bigger deposit in your account!

How Much Do I Earn?

Our system will pay you a total of 8% of the total amount that you deposit every day for LIFE!

The Social Profimatic System will divide your daily percentage up and pay it out every hour without you lifting a finger!

How Do I Get Paid?

To keep our business profitable and moving as fast as possible. Our system accepts Bitcoin and Litecoin payments. This allows us to keep our system AUTOMATIC & INSTANT.

That's right, you are able to enjoy the results of our money making system INSTANTLY!


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